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Name: Euler Ribeiro Sudbrack
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Location: Brazil
Timezone: Gmt-3

What is your character name, level and class?
Fortuna / Lv80 Gypsy
Scarletneck / Lv99 Sniper
Trapezio Descendente / Lv98 Champ
Soul Cute / Lv99 Soul Linker

Provide a screenshot of your stats, skills and WoE gears:
Im planning to play woe as Gypsy or Sniper (i really love Gypsy and FS Prof Very Happy)


Stats: 96 Agi / 61 Vit / 83 dex

+9 Valorous Battle CrossBow / Earth Bow [Requiem/Plankton]
(+3Agi)Elite Archer Suit [Marc/ED]
Combat Boots [Matyr]
Commander's Manteau [Noxious]
2x Medal of Honor / Smokie
Alice Doll [Nightmare] / DEF Gear
White Scarf


Stats: 22 Str / 74 Agi / 79 Vit / 84 Dex

Image from my Gypsy in estlandRO CP:

Please provide a thorough description of what your role is in WoE?

Gypsy: Get fire immune, slow grace stuff and having fun Smile

Sniper: Induce status with arrow shower or Sharpshooting with DPS bow

What consumables would you be possibly using in WoE?
Pots / Foods / Boxes / Etc

Do you have any experience in WoE SE?
Yes, most recently in eastlandRO as Sniper and Gypsy.
Played on destinaRO, woon-RO as DD Creo, DD HW.
Never played woe as FS Prof (only BGs, i really love him but i cant afford the gear right now)

Why are you applying to this guild?
Guild house
It was the post that caught my attention in the forum, either by description as replies.

What other classes can you play/wouldn't mind switching to if required?
Any class except Pallies and OLP/DLP profs

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Re: Application

Post by Poison on Thu May 12, 2016 9:56 pm

Would you be willing to play as Linker? Also if yes, can you post again below with the endgame gears you would be using on it ( Linker ) for WOE. Razz

Could you also mention some of the previous guilds you played WOE with on other servers..


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