Hola otra vez - Dawer =)

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Hola otra vez - Dawer =)

Post by Dawer on Fri May 13, 2016 12:03 am

Timezone: gmt -4

In-Game Information:

What is your character name, level and class?
Dawer (creator 99/70 main class for now), Linda(high priest 94/60), Dayana(High wizard 98/66)

Provide a screenshot of your stats, skills and WoE gears:
(If not possible to screenshot, please post your equipment and stats or use a calculator!)


Upper: Apple of archer / i love china - (farming 0 % done)
Mid: Sunglasses - Nightmare Card
Lower: no lower headgead / stawberry (farming 50% done )
Armor: Slik robe - marc card [ +2 dex -no luck with +3]
Shield: orlean's server - Horn Card / valk shield (farming 0 % done)
Weapon: more aspd for me...
Garment: wool scarf - noxious card/ Nidhoggur Shadow Garb (farming 0% done)
Shoes: Tidal shoes - matyr card / Variant shoes (farming 50% done)
Accesory: 2x belt- zerom cards / Orlean’s Glove (farming 80% done)

yea thats equip suck but im farming like a crazy my final gears... woes is 10 days... i can get it...

Please provide a thorough description of what your role is in WoE?

well, i would play SPP creator, sooo stay back and spam spp our defenses...

What consumables would you be possibly using in WoE?

Pots ( green, blue, white)
bersek pot
Box of sunlight and box of gloom
dex, vit, agi food

Do you have any experience in WoE SE?

yea... but only 150base level serves with 3rd class and 255 base level server.. on 99/70 base level only Battleground

Why are you applying to this guild?
Becuase i wanna learn more... i didnt play 99/70 since IRO (2006 my acc was hack too bad) after that i play high rates serves (AncientRO, SunriseRO, RidiculouslyRO, RagnaTale, AudacityRO etc.), i know some guys fron this guild and they are good ppl and i can learn more and faster and would be nice be play with you guys =)

What other classes can you play/wouldn't mind switching to if required?
i can play all classes except champs and sinx, i hate them =)



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Re: Hola otra vez - Dawer =)

Post by Poison on Fri May 13, 2016 12:40 am

I am really sorry that I have to reject this application. Its only because we are focusing primarily on recruiting  woe players currently. And you need a lot more experience in 99/70 and WoE SE. You should play a lot of BG and watch tons of videos and get fully geared. And reapply after all of that.. It was good to meet you inside the guild.. cheers

- Rejected


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