Clown app. or whatever is needed.

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Clown app. or whatever is needed.

Post by kousei on Sun May 15, 2016 8:17 am

Name: Jordan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Location: Guam
Timezone: GMT + 10

In-Game Information:
Can msg me on: ForeverAtLast, ForeverAtLastFist, DSpewpew

What is your character name, level and class?
Lullaby level 80 Clown(in the process of maxing wont take long at all)

Provide a screenshot of your stats, skills and WoE gears:
Not gonna lie just started a few days ago so for gears im stuck with bg set until i can get better gears.
stats 97vit 80 dex 80int 20str for pots. not base stats rough estimate for now.
skills bragi apple sinx song dissonance lokis veil eternal chaos frost joker tarot card

Please provide a thorough description of what your role is in WoE?
keep bragi apple sinx song up every 30 secs basic support so will stay close to HW and creo.
dissonance for sinx or cloak champs near walls
lokis veil and eternal chaos are more first edition woe skills
frost joker but i highly doubt ppl would woe without a unfrozen
tarot card for single targets that make it pass precast

What consumables would you be possibly using in WoE?
plan on using a friends creo to make pots. if not buying mastelas grape juice
+5 stat foods in all in one trader/ unless i can just warp into bg room pop consumables in there.

Do you have any experience in WoE SE?
yes but i wouldnt expect much cause i havent played in a while.
most of it was sinX main

Why are you applying to this guild?
bored of farming and leveling by myself would like some company.
Would also like to do mvps that i cant do by myself.
willing to help farm for mats needed.

What other classes can you play/wouldn't mind switching to if required?
tbh i can play every role decently so whatever is needed i will play.

P.S. i would like to apologize for my half azz application. i was trying to get my characters ready. and have alot to farm.


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Re: Clown app. or whatever is needed.

Post by Poison on Sun May 15, 2016 9:57 am

I'm sorry, I cant accept the application.. A lot of the fields you entered are very wrong for the role of clown in SE woe.. The stats are wrong as well.. Thank you for applying though.

- Rejected


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